Case Study


Brand Background

Our client is a well-known Canadian-owned, live entertainment company that has a presence in over 40 countries.

The Challenge

Salesforce Marketing Cloud was the platform used by the CRM team to deploy their email campaigns. However, the full capabilities of the platform were being underutilized. The lack of resources, training and time internally resulted in a very limited use of automation and personalization of customer communications. While 95% of the CRM team was focused on campaign execution, they had minimal reporting. There was no time to properly assess results and identify opportunities to better communicate with customers and drive further engagement and sales.

The solution

This migration required several steps, which included:

● The setup and configuration of multiple business units (including newly acquired enterprises)

● The migration of all email activities and assets

● The structuring of customer data within the new instance and for each business unit

● The setup, configuration and automation of customer journey email programs to support the team’s objectives.

Collaboration was the key success factor for this project. Our process, based on years of know-how in program execution ensured we had an environment rich in feedback and knowledge transfer.

To that end, we assigned not one but two certified resources: A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist and a Cloud Consultant. Having our resources on-site allowed us to forge a strong relationship with the CRM team, helping them better understand their current challenges and the opportunities ahead. Further, we helped coach and reinforce key elements of campaign management, instituting processes drawn from our past successes and best practices in the field.

The how

The Relation1 team was able to help the client configure their new instance on time and within budget following this 3 step-process.

1  rolled out the Email Platform

Successfully rolled out the new Marketing Cloud Enterprise 2.0 version, consolidating all business units.

2  data flows

Designed and implemented all appropriate data flows which supported the setup and execution of automated email marketing programs.

3  training and coaching

Built & rolled out a customized training and coaching plan, allowing the team to leverage some of the more advanced & robust features of Marketing Cloud.


The biggest marker of success was creating autonomy. Following the migration and on-site coaching sessions, the CRM team could independently work with the SFMC email platform. As well, most of the communications across the customer journey were now automated, generating cost and time efficiencies for the team and allowing them to focus on new, strategic initiatives to move the business ahead.

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