Case Study

How we helped retain customers who were near the end of their vehicle loans with new offers

Brand Background

Our client is a Quebec-based financial institution. They have partnered with auto dealers and manufacturers, such as Bombardier Skidoos, Chrysler and GM, to provide financing to their respective customers.

The institution had historical customer data available over a 4 year time period but lacked the knowledge and expertise to take advantage of it.

The Challenge

The challenge was also a business opportunity. Analyzing the data would provide insights that would help them and their auto manufacturing clients. Knowing when a loan came due would allow the manufacturer to know when the owner may be in the market for a new vehicle.

With hundreds of thousands of customer files available, the challenge was to gain relevant insights to communicate to the customer base.

To get there meant identifying key insights for a specific car/vehicle manufacturer that could only be captured by leveraging the clients’ historical customer knowledge.

The Solution

Our data team analyzed more than 300,000 customer profiles. And each had more than 50 variables of information.

The how

We performed a base analysis of 2012-2016 data with a specific analysis for used / new cars, and specific make and model.

We were also able to provide insight on customer profiles to help target their market based on such factors as geography, occupation type, age and more. Further we were able to identify something the financial institution lacked, customer patterns for the most valuable customers.

  • Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) – SKIDOO
  • Chrysler Group
  • GM

Results and Insights

It was the depth of the data analytics and insights gathered that would allow our client to better target new car loan offers to their customers who were near the end of their loan. The data also provided insights to guide targeted campaigns. To date, we’ve performed 4 different data discovery analyses.

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