Case Study

How we helped a financial institution leverage AI to turn customer data into powerful insights

Brand Background

Our client is a major Quebec-based financial institution that provides a full complement of financial & insurance services. Our focus for this engagement was on their loan and financing business unit – a unit of 293 agencies with 7 million clients.

The Challenge

The marketing team within the organization wanted faster, continuous and real-time insights of their customers. However, their access to information was limited.

Because the data resided separately with the Business Intelligence (BI) team, requests for customer information was a time-consuming process that would take several days for delivery.

The problem was further compounded by a lack of internal alignment and understanding of the requirements. With the BI team supplying only raw data files, extracting and mining insights created the need for a form of technology intelligence to help make this process easier.

The Solution

We empowered the marketing team with direct access to the required customer data through a marketer-friendly interface that was available 24/7. Our technology platform, R1.AI did the heavy lifting by assembling and filtering the client’s data and presenting it in the form of analytics as opposed to just their previous raw data. This provided immediate key insights that could be acted upon.

The best part of the solution was the creation of a user friendly, easy-to-navigate dashboard. It allowed the marketing team to more easily review the data and manipulate it as required. As well, multiple and flexible charts allowed the team to view data through a wide array of metrics.

The how

By working closely with the marketing team, we gained a full understanding of the business needs. By focusing on the end goals, we were able to delve into such criteria as the business questions that needed to be answered and how the data should be analyzed.

Next, we structured and loaded 4 years of transactional data through our R1.A1 platform. It became a customized dashboard solution so that vital historical data was not lost.

Finally, we put in place a data update process to ensure the information is continuously refreshed with the latest customer data.

Results and Insights

We delivered a solution that enabled the marketing team to manage the data themselves. Our solution has provided our client with:

● A centralized reporting tool that offers standardized metrics and is easily accessible by authorized team members.

● Easy access to historical data through a visual display of loans and customers.

● Updated customer information made readily available through a user-friendly dashboard. It meant no more waiting for data to be gathered.

It is true that information is power. The R1.AI technology platform provided our client with information that facilitated better decision making and helped them gain a better understanding of their customers.

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