Case Study


Brand Background

Our client is one of the largest banks in Canada serving over 16 million customers. With over 100 years in business, they are considered an iconic Canadian brand. With a recommendation from Salesforce, our skillset paved the way to working directly with their Business Financial Services division.

The division targets Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) with less than $500 million in revenue. Typically, these businesses have grown or are growing beyond their capacity and need financial services ranging from payroll to insurance. And being smaller in size, these businesses are looking for expert advice, products and solutions that address their business needs.

The financial industry is highly competitive with our client vying to offer business banking services to clients who often connect through their personal banking needs. A new website for their business financial services division was planned that would consolidate a number of outdated websites into a centralized one that would contain all information for business banking services.

The Challenge

How could the Business Financial Services division best personalize the experience for prospective clients and capture a higher rate of converting anonymous site visitors into leads?

Many business clients start as personal banking customers so to identify those with an interest in business products was a key strategy. With relevant information from disparate sites onto the new one they could use it as a gateway for personalizing the experience and capturing valuable data.

What was more of a challenge was to create a plan and roadmap to achieve this. While a consulting firm was previously engaged to provide a strategy, no execution plan was ever delivered.

The Solution

The answer was to create an implementation plan for a better and simpler user experience. By connecting the available web data to the call centre/in-branch experience, we could ensure there were no gaps of information when the prospective customer contacted the bank by phone or in person.

The how

By identifying and including the internal stakeholders working on delivering this plan, we ensured a high level of collaboration – one in which all levels could align with the solution prior to delivering and implementing it.

Next, following our recommended strategy, we reviewed the customer journey, data, technology and operations. As well, it was important to examine the current and future state so that we could map out the implementation and prioritization plan.


The result was a 3-phase plan that did not require a significant investment in any new platforms. We were able to provide a sophisticated personalization plan to which we are currently delivering the first phase, ready to go live.

From the client’s perspective, their feedback was that we had “a clear understanding of the requirements and was knowledgeable enough to ask the right questions”. They were equally impressed by the skills of our technical team and our experience. In their words, “it’s a new territory for the majority of businesses and nobody showed they knew enough about personalization”. At least until Relation1 came along.

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