Case Study

How We Created A Strategic Personalization Plan FOR A GROCERY RETAIL CHAIN IN JUST 30 DAYS

Brand Background

Our client is a 193-store grocery chain with locations across Quebec.

The Challenge

The grocery business is a highly competitive industry, that is further compounded by the lack of differentiation among leading brands when it comes to product selection, price and promotions.

Personalizing the shopping experience was becoming critical to maintaining customer loyalty over time and the client felt that they were far behind their competition. As leaders in the grocery space, they felt the urgency to develop a personalization strategy and plan and be able to calculate the return a personalized marketing program would generate.

Plans of this scope typically take months to put in place, but grocery retailers demand speedy execution, given the nature of their industry. Relation1 was tasked to develop a strategic action plan in 30 days.

Our consultants provided the agility and expert resources to quickly manage the process through to completion.

The How

To meet the aggressive timeline without compromising our proven consulting methodology, our team:

● Established executive alignment from the very start.

● Dedicated a team of experts and senior consultants. This included hands-on involvement from our VP of Retail and Loyalty.

● Held critical workshops including Relation1’s unique Strategy, Data Audit & Technology Gap Analysis sessions.

The key element of success was the structure of our approach. Our participative workshops helped structure the thought process and facilitated decision making. We quickly were able to define a vision, along with key strategic objectives. And with a personalized program outlined, we were able to assess how it could be implemented to enhance the personalized shopping experiences for customers.


In the retail sector, speed of execution is considered success and we achieved just that by accelerating the delivery of a comprehensive personalization roadmap.

In 30 days, we delivered:

● Strategic guidance and expert facilitation with senior executive, marketing, IT and analytics teams to ensure full organizational alignment and buy-in.

● A full situational assessment of their current state of business and readiness to implement a strategic personalized marketing program.

●  An 18-month roadmap that would allow the client to develop a two-way relationship with each of their individual customers. It included:

· Phasing out all aspects of strategic planning, creating 3 sequences of 6 month phases
· Providing technology, marketing, data, and resource requirements, factoring in the client’s existing technology stack and partner ecosystem
· Mapping an overall structure for the stakeholders, including assigning responsibility to teams internally

● A fully vetted business case with expected metrics and project funding options that allowed the team to easily evaluate ROI.

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