Case Study

How An Onboarding Program Helped A Vitamin Company Generate Greater Success

Brand Background

Our client is a consumer packaged goods company in the general health and wellness category. With a 43% share of the vitamins and health supplements market and their products are distributed in all major retail outlets, they are the leader in Canada. Based in Toronto, they sell their products globally in more than 30 countries.

The Challenge

Because the channel of distribution is through retailers, this brand does not have a direct relationship with their consumers. To directly connect with their customers and share new product updates, they created an email newsletter program.

However, the results from their email initiative were disappointing. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as email open rate and click rates were well below industry average. Our goal was to increase email engagement among their customers and prevent loss of subscribers.

The Solution

Upon completing a full review of our client’s email program, we quickly identified that the program was missing an engaging onboarding component that would welcome new subscribers. Previous experience and success told us that a strong program to initiate new subscribers was critical in long lasting subscriber engagement and loyalty. We created a 4-stage onboarding program where each stage had a specific call-to-action. Each action educated new subscribers while encouraging them to explore the company’s wellness resources on all their channels.

The how

Firstly, we hosted a series of strategic workshops with key client stakeholders among marketing, data and creative personnel. This helped to ensure alignment as well as educating the group on the key aspects of successful onboarding. Through the workshops, we worked closely with the creative and marketing team to design both the layout of the email and the messaging within the email.

For the program execution, each stage was designed to be personalized and was based on the subscribers’ behaviours (or non-behaviours) to generate lots of “actions”. It became a true one-to-one interaction with their subscribers.

Results and Insights

The program exceeded all KPIs set for the program. We found that by properly onboarding customers, they engaged at twice the rate of customers who were not onboarded.

The overall performance can be seen in the chart.

The open rate on the first message was consistently strong at (80%) for newly-onboarded clients. And while it dropped to about 40% over the following 3 months, it maintained this rate in the months following. This was a sharp contrast to the customers who were not pushed to the onboarding process. Their average open rate was only 18%.

An effective onboarding program ensured a higher open rate.

The success with this program has lead to other initiatives with the client such as lead generation nurturing and customer winback programs.

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