Case Study

How we helped a health & wellness products producer align and implement a marketing technology platform in just 60 days

Brand Background

With annual sales of $300,000,000, our client is a successful food company that produces plant-based vegan health powders and meal supplements.

Their products are not only sold in all major grocers throughout Canada and the US but are also available online directly to customers.

The Challenge

Because of their rapid growth, the company’s marketing technology stack consisted of fragmented systems. This has made their marketing ecosystem too disconnected and expensive to maintain. Important tasks such as sharing data across different platforms became a difficult challenge. To consolidate their multiple existing platforms, the company signed on to Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud, as well as transitioned their ecommerce platform to Shopify.

As their partner, our task and challenge was to align their existing MarTech ecosystem and optimize its operation.

Our goals were to simplify the CSR processes; to automate marketing for a more personalized approach, and to help eliminate tech and departmental silos. Most importantly, a critical project deadline meant all of this needed to be completed within 60 days.

The Solution

To get to the finish line on these tasks and deadlines, we focused on three key areas.

● The strategic redesign of email layouts to highlight key areas that would be more conducive to personalization and provide the best customer experience.

● The integration between their legacy Enterprise Resource Planning & ecommerce platforms with the Salesforce platform.

● The direct feed of Shopify data into Salesforce Service and Marketing Cloud to unify how information was being displayed on the dashboard, and as well, to drive personalized interactions through Marketing Cloud.

The how

Our team provided the company our aligned expertise in both technical and strategic consulting.

1  Technical Consulting

We conducted an operational audit on the various systems in their MarTech stack. Based on our review, we provided a strategy on how to best use the systems and recommended a path for the most efficient implementation.

2  Strategic Consulting

To plan out the future MarTech ecosystem, we began by comprehensively understanding what the brand wanted their customers to experience. Working closely with them, we crafted the following customer journeys:

● Site launch Series to capture and re-engage lapsed customers

● Welcome Journey

● Post-purchase Journey incorporating transactional messages to cross and upsell

● Abandon Cart Scenario

● Back In Stock Emails

● Winback Journey


In addition to our nationwide approach, with our expertise in developing personalized customer journeys and our in-house team of Salesforce certified specialists, we were able to meet the seemingly impossible deadline.

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