2018 Data Marketing Conference
in Toronto

December 1, 2018 | 1 min read


Michael Gawtrey

Senior Strategic Account Director


Relation1 had the opportunity to attend, sponsor and present at the 2-day Conference and Exposition for Marketers across various industries. This year’s theme was centered around the Data Marketing Ecosystem – a representation of the wide diversity of talents and skillsets who must work together to achieve their data driven marketing goals.

Our very own, Michael Gawtrey, Senior Director, Consulting Services took the stage to talk about how loyalty programs have changed over the years and argued that what often gets lost in designing and executing customer loyalty programs is true personalization.

Today, loyalty programs can be a part of true personalization efforts. What is true today and has not changed over the years is the importance of delivering authentic and personalized customer experiences that are tailored to a brand’s unique customers.

Here are the key takeaways from Michael’s presentation:

●  Establish what your core value proposition is for your core audience
●  Find ways, small but impactful ways to show your customer that you respect and care about their time, money and devotion to the brand
●  Empower front line staff to make a difference and deliver an unexpected experience or save a customer from a bad experience

For more information regarding Michael’s presentation, please contact us at engage@relation1.ca.

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