Digital Transformation & Data: Reinventing Business Models

February 21, 2017 | 30 sec read


Éric Desrosiers

VP Consulting Services & Managing Director, Montreal


As part of the Relationship Marketing Summit in the era of Digital Transformation, Éric Desrosiers, delivered a presentation entitled: The Digital and Data Transformation: Business Models to Reinvent.

The topic of the conference captured the attention of 200 participants, the majority of them being decision makers in the fields of retail, financial services and telecommunications:

"Digital and data transform organizations beyond the exploitation of digital channels. All economic sectors will soon be affected including industries such as media and tourism. In this context, today's marketing executives must act as architects of  change, and work with all the functions of his organization (including merchandising, HR, IT, finance) through the different stages of the transformation. Explore how to establish the foundations on which you can build success."

Business transformation and the process to achieve it are essential to the success of our clients and the marketing executive should be at the center of this transformation.

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