The Death of the Average Customer

April 11, 2017 | 30 sec read


Luc Garneau

VP, Retail & Loyalty


As part of the Relationship Marketing Summit organized by the Association of Relationship Marketing, Luc Garneau delivered a presentation entitled: The Death of the Average Customer.

Luc spoke to a crowd of almost 100 relationship marketing professionals on the importance of customer centricity and the various ways companies can incorporate data-driven customer knowledge into their decision making to increase customer retention, loyalty and ROI.

"Customers are smarter, more connected than ever and eager to be treated better. It forces all of us to interact with them smartly. Most brands have a value proposition with very few key differentiators and customers have never faced so many choices and alternatives. Customer experience is now the real battlefield. Implementing a customer-centric approach starts with the realization that there are no "average customers". Every decision is made by actionning upon rich customer insights which focuses on delivering an optimal level of relevancy."

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