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Delivering Complete 1:1 Marketing Solutions That Drive Customer Journey Excellence

Strategic Planning

Relation1 is your most trusted advisor, empowering you to deliver ultimate relevance to your customers through a customer-centric approach.

We put forward new ideas and translate innovation into business solutions that help create greater value for your organization. We work closely with you to deliver transformative strategies and craft actionable personalized marketing strategies driven by data science.


Data Science

Every customer is unique and deserves a personalized experience that reflects his value to your business.

Our experts are uniquely equipped and readily available to tackle your challenges big or small. We perform the highly specialized deep dives into your data that are needed to extract those key insights and gain a clear understanding of your customers and how they interact with your business and brand.

We use Artificial Intelligence to develop predictive models that aim to increase the amount of purchases and their frequency as well as your clients’ long-term engagement.

Data Science

Technology Implementation

We are facilitators that guide you and your Data and IT departments on how best to adapt and respond to marketing needs.

Our goal is to help you quickly leverage your data without creating an IT headache.

Our proprietary R1Journey platform is powered by industry leading technologies, providing accurate and efficient implementation.


Marketing Program Execution

Even the best strategies and technologies are nothing without proper delivery.

We make things easier for you by making data and technology work for you. We leverage years of experience in process design and automation, guiding marketing departments to craft, implement and optimize effective data driven personalized marketing solutions.

From data integration through program design and implementation, our focus will always be to increase your return on investment.

Marketing Program Execution

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