We are helping organisations to deliver
personalized customer experiences

Personalized Customer Experiences Personalized Customer Experiences Personalized Customer Experiences

At Relation1, we think, breathe, live personalization.

Delivering end-to-end personalization solutions that drive revenue, accelerate time to market, and generate actionable customer insights

Solutions & Professional


We help organizations achieve their personalization objectives through the following solutions:

Increase Revenue Accelerate Time to Market Actionable Customer Insights
Machine Learning Based Recommendation Engines Campaign Automation Data Discovery
(RFM analysis, Lifestyle analysis, Churn analysis)
Personalized Coupon & Digital Flyer Solutions Campaign Production & Deployment Services Customer Profiling & Best Customer Strategy
Personalized Re-Targeting Programs
(Cart & Browse Abandonment, Post Purchase, Upsell/Cross sell)
Development & Operations Support Customer Profitability Analysis
Churn Prevention Program
(Winback & Reactivation)
Local Marketing Solution Pricing Awareness Analysis & Strategy
Onboarding Program Strategy & Implementation Digital Asset Management Product Assortment Analysis and Optimization
eReceipt Implementation Marketing Cloud Platforms Implementation & Optimization Loyalty Program Health Check & Optimization
Customer Journey Optimization Customer Call Centre Management Campaign Performance Analysis and Optimization
Data Business Transformation

Personalization Engine &
Customer-Centric Dashboard


At the core of our customer-centric ecosystem is R1.AI – our proprietary platform powered by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

With R1.AI, organizations are able to:

  • Generate a full, complete and single view of their customers.
  • Access enriched customer data that is fully actionable through our data models.
  • Launch data driven campaigns generating higher sales lift and customer engagement.
  • Optimize recommendations for each customer on an individual basis, including product selection, promotions, rewards and editorial content.
  • Support omni-channel implementation through integration with leading Marketing Cloud technologies, eCommerce platforms, websites and offline processes.

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